Welcome! I am happy that you have found your way to Signorina-Leyla.com.

I founded Signorina Leyla with the goal of creating a brand that celebrates diversity and brings people together through fashion.

As someone who embodies two cultures, I understand the richness that comes from experiencing different perspectives and traditions. Two hearts are beating in my chest: The love for the Orient was practically put "in my cradle", but Europe is the home that has shaped me and whose freedom to lead a self-determined life I value very much.

Through Signorina Leyla, I want to provide a platform for self-expression and connection. Our collections are curated with a global perspective, drawing inspiration from cultures around the world and current trends. Our jewelry pieces are made with high-quality materials and are handcrafted with care.

I believe that fashion should be a means of conveying who we are and what we stand for. That is why Signorina Leyla aims to provide an outlet for self-expression. Through their style, individuals can exude a connection to certain cultures or discover new ones and delve into their stories. The world is full of rich stories, mysticism, magic, and beauty - we just have to uncover them.

It is important to me to create something meaningful and enduring. Above all, something that benefits all parties involved, from the producer to the customer.

Signorina Leyla is a brand for the modern, strong, open-minded, and self-confident woman who is educated, communicative, and stylish, but also sensual and feminine. Signorina Leyla represents the unification of seemingly contradictory elements such as the Orient and Occident, the modern and the mystic, and strength and femininity. With Signorina Leyla, we aim to create something that brings cultures together and breaks down barriers.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Best regards, Mehtap Horoz
Founder & CEO

April 21, 2020 — The Founder
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