To ensure that your favorite pieces from Signorina Leyla always look as beautiful as the first day, you should follow some small tips for caring for your treasures.

1. No Moisture: In general, we recommend that you do not allow your jewelry to come into contact with liquids (this includes not only natural water when bathing, but also sweat or cleaning agents, as well as creams and perfumes).

2. Remove before showering/bathing:
It is important that you take off your jewelry before showering and bathing, as otherwise it will quickly become dull, oxidized or lose its color. Bathing in chlorine and salt water is particularly harmful. Gemstones and pearls can even be destroyed.

3. Styling first - Jewelry last: Metals often react sensitively with sunscreen, deodorants, perfume, and hairspray, as they contain oils and solvents. This can also cause glued stones to fall out. Therefore, you should put on your jewelry only after styling.

4. No jewelry while exercising: Even sweat can cause silver and other precious metals to tarnish, so you should not wear your jewelry while exercising.

5. Silver jewelry is very flexible, so you should try to be careful when putting on and taking off the jewelry. If the metal does bend, you can bend it back into shape with pliers and some skill. Warning: Be very careful, as the metal can easily break with too much force.

Cleaning: If your earrings, necklaces or bracelets ever need cleaning or a little more shine, they should be placed for a few seconds (warning, not longer!) in mild, lukewarm soapy water, then rinsed with clear water and immediately dried with a soft cotton cloth.

There are also special silver cleaning cloths available for purchase.

Storage: The best way to store your jewelry is in a jewelry box, pouch or jewelry case, in a dry place. This way everything is always nicely sorted and protected.

It is always a shame when your favorite jewelry no longer looks beautiful. Jewelry can last for many decades if it is properly cared for. With the right care, it will still look as beautiful as the day you received it!

April 29, 2020 — The Founder