Semi-precious Stones - A Guide from Signorina Leyla

Chalcedon ( )


The chalcedony shimmering in different colors is said to have a variety of healing effects. Inner peace and serenity, a better attitude to life and an increase in attention are just some of the positive qualities that the chalcedony, also called moonstone, is supposed to give.



Labradorite ( )


The iridescent play of colors of the Labradorite Stone is intended to inspire the imagination and creativity of its wearer. The inner emotional world is also to be influenced by the semi-precious stone. According to this, the labradorite energy has a calming and balancing effect on the mind and at the same time is intended to intensify one's own emotions.


Pyrite ( )


The shiny gold pyrite is a real eye-catcher not only because of its special appearance. The mineral, also known as cat gold, is intended to promote self-reflection and self-knowledge, thus showing the wearer its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the stone is supposed to release internal blockages and free them from stress and fears.


Peridot ( )


The bright green gemstone Peridot has been attributed to strong healing and protective effects for thousands of years. Negative sentiments such as melancholy or hatred are to be converted into positive feelings with the help of the stone and anger or anger into well-being is dissolved. Physically, the vibrations of the peridot should also have a positive effect on the body.

Turquoise ( )


The bluish-green sparkling turquoise stone is intended to promote communication skills, assertiveness and drive to help its wearer to achieve greater success. In addition, the healing stone is supposed to calm the mind and increase the life energies.